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Cuttable LED Module Pros and Cons

We’ve established several benefits of cuttable boards, such as versatility in engineering and design, lower SKU counts, and cost savings on custom modules. However, these pros come at the cost of a few limitations.

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Design Benefits of Short Cut Lengths in LED Module Selection

This post is part of a series on the benefits of shorter cut lengths when choosing LED modules for a project. We'll explore the perks for design, engineering, and purchasing teams. This post's focus is the advantages an LED module with a small cut length (about 2.5"...

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Benefits of Short Cut Length on LED Modules: Engineering

While there’s no singular cut length resolution that works perfectly for every project, 1- and 1.5- inch cuttability offer several benefits over longer strips. In this series, we'll explore the pros and cons of LED modules and strips with short splits. We'll start...

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