LUXTECH Introduces Architectural-Grade Dynamic White Flexible LED Tape

March 25, 2019

PHILADELPHIA, PA, March 25, 2019 – LUXTECH, a leading American manufacturer of architectural grade LED modules, introduces constant current FLEX Dynamic White to their line of flexible LED strips.

Constant Current Dynamic White Flexible LED tape: FLEX Dynamic White

FLEX Dynamic White LED modules, or FX-CC-DN, bring circadian balanced illumination to any fixture. It has a flexible, cuttable form factor, 90 CRI architectural grade LEDs, and a standard tuning range from 27K to 65K that provides high-quality light at any CCT. The tape has a 2-channel design and is ideal for slim form factors, round fixtures, and exotic designs. Its high output is suitable for commercial, industrial, and architectural applications.

“Tunable applications have been increasing in popularity as a way for the built environment to more closely align with nature. Our goal with FLEX Dynamic White is to provide that capability to any size, length, or shape of project,” said Jim Clarke, LUXTECH product manager.

FLEX CC DN maintains 36V forward voltage regardless of cut length, so it works with most drivers. It is cuttable every one inch and capable of runs up to 8 feet in length with minimum voltage drop. One-inch cuttability allows procurement teams to stock a single SKU rather than multiple board lengths and gives designers and engineers an off-the-shelf, versatile module for custom projects.

The flexible module uses name brand LEDs with 3-step MacAdam binning to maintain color consistency. Tight binning is essential to creating architectural-grade fixtures, making it a priority for all LUXTECH modules. FLEX Dynamic White also maintains 90+ CRI throughout the dimming range. With top of the line color rendering, it is designed to be a spec grade tape solution.

Samples of FLEX Dynamic White are available immediately. The specification sheet and other product data can be found on the LUXTECH website. For more information on where to purchase, please contact: