Four Ways LUXroll Standardizes Your Development and Manufacturing Processes

November 4, 2020
LUXroll Flexible LED Module Family Image
LUXTECH LUXroll Dispenser

“LUXroll was designed to revolutionize the way architectural lighting and LED luminaire manufacturers implement flexible LED modules in development and manufacturing.”
– Sean Darras, CEO

As expected from a LUXTECH LED module, LUXroll uses high-performance LEDs with excellent color and brightness uniformity; providing the same quality light as our rigid modules.  What distinguishes LUXroll architectural-grade flex from our competitors is that it can standardize a large component of your manufacturing and development processes.  This is achieved with easily mounted 44’ and 198’ Reels, on board poke-in connectors, fine cuttability, and a common form factor across five variations.  Here’s four ways standardizing your portfolio with LUXroll will benefit you:

1. SKU Reduction and Consolidated Inventory Management

With cuttability and poke in connectors – a roll of LUXroll can be used in fixtures of any size or shape with the same convenience of connectors. This means there’s no need to stock rigid board SKUs for each unique fixture design. Having fewer SKUs improves operational flexibility in the warehouse and greatly simplifies supply chain management meaning less overhead and better on time delivery.

2. Cost Reduction

Using a single LED module for multiple fixtures gives you purchasing leverage to achieve a lower overall module price/ft. LUXroll’s connector and solder pads are distributed to maximize the reel yield regardless of fixture size. The 3M adhesive backing is extremely simple to use in production and works effectively even on low surface energy materials like powder coat. Combined with less expense required for BOM, MRP, and procurement processes, the cost of inventory and operational costs will both decrease.

3. Reduced Development Time

The common form factor of the LUXroll variations (white, tunable white, warm dim, RGB, RGBW) make it a breeze to swap any flavor for another. Every module has the same connector scheme and LED pitch so you can be confident in the fixture design across all outputs. Every variation is stocked as a standard product which can greatly decrease development time by avoiding the need for custom designs – this module will never be the bottleneck in design and development.

4. Consistent Quality

With standardization comes efficient manufacturing, which also reduces production errors. With LUXroll as the standard module component across fixtures, there are fewer components to perform incoming inspection/testing on and continuous development efforts will yield a low cost, high quality luminaire.