LUXTECH Offers the Best Deep-Dimming Low-End Brightness Flux Uniformity on the Market

December 21, 2020

“Does your team experience trouble with brightness uniformity at low dimming levels? We help industry leaders achieve excellent uniformity at 1% brightness without sacrificing cuttability, cost, or complexity. Using LUXTECH removes any chance of ‘popcorning‘ at low brightness levels; as our engineers work closely with experts in LED package design to deliver the unparalleled deep dimming for you. “

– Graham Merrifield, Senior Applications Engineer

low end brightness uniformity image comparison LUXTECH vs competitor

In the past, uniformity has been achieved in a variety of ways, all with their shortcomings. By using many LEDs in series, part to part Vf variations are averaged in each series string to more evenly split current between strings, but this approach limits board cut lengths and customizability. Alternatively, using LEDs of a single flux bin or adding a current regulator into the circuit design can yield excellent uniformity but at significantly increased cost, manufacturing complexity, and extended lead times. Many mid-power LEDs are already hot binned, which ensures flux and chromaticity consistency at normal operating conditions, but still exhibit variation at other operating conditions. As seen in the figures – at normal operating conditions, the brightness uniformity is indistinguishable between boards, and the problem is not evident until moving towards low dim outputs.

LUXTECH targeted the manufacturing and design of the LED itself to provide this valuable feature at the LED level, adding much simplicity over any assembly or circuit level solutions. Our unique LED solution and circuit design allow our boards to be cut between every LED while still maintaining the beautiful consistency you expect across all outputs. See this superior performance for yourself: