Standard LED Modules

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    • Enhances Human Health
    • Versatile, High-Performance Low-SKU Count Product Line: 
      • Excellent LED Brightness & Color Uniformity
      • Long-Lasting Efficient Light Output

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    Powering the World's Top Architectural Lighting Manufacturers

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    LUXTECH Standard LED Modules provide the versatility and consistent light output/color required for designing inspired architectural light fixtures.  With over 35 years of combined team lighting engineering experience; quality of light is our highest priority.  As a result, many of the world’s most innovative architectural lighting manufacturers choose LUXTECH Standard LED Modules such as CoronetALW, Prudential Lighting, Voigt Lighting, Lumium, Dalume, Casey Architectural, Ultralights, Eureka, Pinnacle, Senso, Precise LED, Spectrum Lighting, New Star LightingLF IlluminationGammaluxA&L LightingPMC LightingBartco Lighting, Fry Reglet, SPI Lighting, Arancia Lighting, Camman LightingG Lighting, & Electrix.