White LED Modules

Rigid/Linear | White | OneCut: Cuttable Every 1/2″

OneCut is the world's most versatile linear white LED module; it's 47" long and cuttable every 1/2" so there's no more need to stock multiple board lengths. OneCut offers spec-grade performance; high output, excellent brightness uniformity, with 90 CRI LEDs standard (80 CRI available).

Rigid/Linear | RGBW

LUXTECH RGBW combines architectural-grade white LEDs with RGB LEDs to offer an RGBW module with high efficacy, consistent and tightly controlled color, and a Zhaga compliant form factor.

Flexible | White | FLEX Swerve (Bends Axially)

FLEX Swerve not only flexes, but also bends axially. Luminaire designers are no longer limited to illumination in a single plane. This high-performance, specification-grade LED tape is cuttable every 2"!

Flexible | White | FLEX Reach (Long Linear Runs)

FLEX Reach provides superior brightness consistency over long linear runs. Available in 550 and 1100 lumens/foot, FLEX Reach can extend up to 20 feet. This high-performance, specification-grade LED tape is cuttable in convenient 1.5” increments.

Flexible | White | FLEX CC (Constant Current)

FLEX CC bends and curves to fit your application need. Cuttable every inch up to 8 feet, this high-performance, specification-grade LED tape provides the flexibility needed for architectural design and assembly. FLEX CC works with familiar constant current drivers.

Rigid/Linear | White | LN-X: Cuttable Every 1″

The LN-X is LUXTECH's flagship white linear module. Designed with people in mind, the LN-X is constant current, cuttable every inch and stocked with 90+ CRI LEDs standard. With a nominal 36V forward voltage, long runs are even more achievable at distances specified down to the inch.