Rigid LED Modules

LUXTECH LINEAR LED Modules provide the versatility and consistent light output/color required for designing architectural lighting fixtures.  Many of the world’s most innovative lighting engineers choose LUXTECH LINEAR LED Modules such as Coronet, ALW, New Star Lighting, LF Illumination, Gammalux, A&L Lighting, PMC Lighting, Bartco LightingCamman Lighting, G Lighting, & Electrix.

Features Include:

90+ CRI
3-step color binning
Brand name components (CREE LEDs)
Cuttable every inch options
Dynamic white & warm dim options
Compatible with constant current drivers
Stocked in Philadelphia, PA USA
5-year warranty

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LUXTECH RGBW combines architectural-grade white LEDs with RGB LEDs to offer an RGBW module with high efficacy, consistent and tightly controlled color, and a Zhaga compliant form factor.


LUXTECH LINEAR Warm Dim is a high-performance, high-efficacy LED module for architectural lighting applications. Each constant current module follows a halogen dimming curve passively when used with any constant current reduction dimmer. The Zhaga-compliant form factor is available in two lengths.

LINEAR Dynamic White

LINEAR Dynamic White is a high-performance LED module that enables independent adjustment of brightness and CCT. Ideal for human-centric architectural lighting applications, the 2-channel design provides high-quality white light without sacrificing efficacy.

LINEAR Cuttable White

The LN-X is LUXTECH's flagship white linear module. Designed with people in mind, the LN-X is constant current, cuttable every inch and stocked with 90+ CRI LEDs standard. With a nominal 36V forward voltage, long runs are even more achievable at distances specified down to the inch.