Flexible LED Modules

LUXTECH FLEX LED Modules deliver the versatility and consistent light output/color required for designing architectural lighting fixtures.  Many of the world’s most innovative lighting engineers choose LUXTECH FLEX LED Modules such as Fry Reglet, Prudential Lighting, Voigt Lighting, Lumium, Dalume, Casey Architectural, Ultralights, Eureka, Pinnacle, SPI Lighting, Arancia Lighting, Camman Lighting, & G Lighting.

Features Include:

90+ CRI
3-Step MacAdam Ellipse Color Binning
Dynamic White & Warm Dim Options
Compatible with Constant Current Drivers
Brand-Name Components (CREESamsungNichia)
Brand-Name Connectors (AVXMolex, WAGO)
Brand-Name Components (3M Adhesives/Tape)
Cuttable Every Inch Options
Stocked in Philadelphia, PA USA
5-Year Warranty

For Technical Questions or Requesting a Sample/Quote Contact LUXTECH

sales@luxtech.com  |  215-494-3333  |  Business Hours: M-F 9-5

FLEX Dynamic White

FLEX Dynamic White brings color tuning capabilities to projects of any size or shape. A flexible, cuttable form factor, 90 CRI architectural-grade LEDs, and a standard tuning range from 27K to 65K provide high quality light at any CCT. It's perfect for slim form factors, round fixtures, and other exotic designs.


LUXTECH FLEX RGB offers RGB color changing capabilities in our familiar flexible form factor. With 24V constant voltage DMX control, FLEX RGB enlivens your environment in any fixture form factor.

FLEX Swerve

FLEX Swerve not only flexes, but also bends axially. Luminaire designers are no longer limited to illumination in a single plane. This high-performance, specification grade LED tape is cuttable in convenient 2.0” increments.

FLEX Reach

FLEX Reach provides superior brightness consistency over long linear runs. Available in 550 and 1100 lumens/foot, FLEX Reach can extend up to 20 feet. This high-performance, specification grade LED tape is cuttable in convenient 1.5” increments.


FLEX CC bends and curves to fit your application need. Cuttable every inch up to 8 feet, this high-performance, specification-grade LED tape provides FLEX-abilityTM in luminaire design and assembly. FLEX CC works with familiar constant current drivers.