Rigid/Linear | RGBW

LUXTECH RGBW combines architectural-grade white LEDs with RGB LEDs to offer an RGBW module with high efficacy, consistent and tightly controlled color, and a Zhaga compliant form factor.

Features Include:

  • Zhaga-Compliant Form Factor
  • Rigid FR4 Two-Layer PCB
  • Cuttable Every 5.5”
  • LED Pitch: 0.61”
  • Width: 0.787” (20mm)
  • Constant Current Input
  • DMX Controllable in 4 Channels
  • White LEDs LM-80 Tested by Samsung
  • RGB-in-One LEDs by Nichia
  • Single RGB LED Binning for Color Consistency
  • Specification-Grade 3m VHB Adhesive
  • 3-Step MacAdam Ellipse Color Binning
  • 90 CRI Standard
  • 5-Year Warranty

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