Flexible | Dynamic White

FLEX Dynamic White brings color tuning capabilities to projects of any size or shape. A flexible, cuttable form factor, 90 CRI architectural-grade LEDs, and a standard tuning range from 27K to 65K provide high quality light at any CCT. It's perfect for slim form factors, round fixtures, and other exotic designs.

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  • Enables Architectural-Grade Tunable White Capabilities in Fixtures of Any Form Factor
  • Cuttable Every 1″
  • One Reel, One SKU: Ability to Stock a Single SKU Rather than Multiple Board Lengths
  • Specification-Grade 3M VHB Adhesive Ensures FLEX Remains Intact Throughout the Lifetime of the Luminaire
  • 3-Step MacAdam Ellipse Color Binning and Name Brand LEDs Provide Excellent Color Consistency Across Luminaires

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Technical Specifications:

  • 2-Channel CCTs for Dynamic White Applications
  • LED Pitch: 0.5” Pitch Between LED Pairs
  • Cuttable Every 1″
  • LM-80 tested LEDs by Samsung
  • 3-Step MacAdam Ellipse Color Binning
  • Width: 10mm
  • Available in 90 CRI for Applications Demanding High Color Performance
  • Max Lumen Output: 2380 lm/ft (65K 90 CRI White LEDs)
  • Nominal Efficacy: 138 lm/W (65K 90CRI, 770 lm/ft)
  • UL Recognized Components
  • 5-Year Warranty