Stop Wasting Design Time Determining Your Optimal LED Pitch the Old Way – Request our FREE Optical Design Tool – LED Pitch Finder!

June 4, 2020
LED pitch finder top-side view

We’ve developed a complimentary optical design tool used to quickly determine the optimal LED pitch – It’s called LED Pitch Finder and it’s super easy to use!

pitchfinder top down view 1
 Simply Power with 36V Constant Current using Poke In Connectors
pitchfinder top down view 2
Eight Pitch Ranges: 0.75″, 0.60″, 0.50″, 0.40″, 0.33″, 0.25″, 0.20″, & 0.166″

HOW TO USE LED Pitch Finder:

  1. Place LED Pitch Finder inside your desired fixture
  2. Using the poke in connectors, connect with a 36V Constant Current power source
  3. Cover with diffuser / complete the fixture assembly
  4. Power LED Pitch Finder
  5. Just above this fixture, line up your tape measure in parallel and select your desired pitch!

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