LUXTECH Releases CCT Mixer White Paper for Plug and Play Tunable White Control Options, Featured on LED Professional

November 15, 2022

CCT Mixer by LUXTECH is designed to make common LED driver SKUs more versatile by giving them tunable white capability. Tunable White drivers often create extra fixture complexity, costs, configuration/programming time, and often with long lead times.

CCT Mixer integrates seamlessly with commonly stocked single channel, 0-10V, CC drivers to give them plug and play tunable functionality. The controller is selectable between tunable white and warm dim functions with a simple switch, saving time that would otherwise be spent programming and configuring a tunable white driver. Higher lumen outputs and longer runs are also achievable since a single device provides 0-10V control to 2 drivers, which can be up to 100W each. For tunable fixtures which require >50W, the CCT Mixer architecture reduces the number of costly tunable white drivers that are required.