LUXTECH Launches Fingerboard: Family of 4 Versatile Area LED Modules

August 31, 2021

LUXTECH is excited to announce the launch of Fingerboard – family of four versatile area LED modules!

LUXTECH Fingerboards are designed to make it easier than ever to fill area fixtures with architectural-grade light. Filling large areas of light specifying custom edge lit assemblies or wiring together dozens of rigid boards for back lighting is a pain; Fingerboards combination of poke-in connectors with cuttability between every LED make it a breeze to trim and connect boards to fill any shape fixture. The constant current static white (CC Batwing) module is even integrated with wide angle batwing optics to minimize the required diffuser depth.  Request a FREE Fingerboard sample kit today!

-Graham Merrifield, Senior Applications Engineer   

Available in all colors:

  • Static white (featuring integrated wide-angle batwing optics to minimize required diffuser depth)
  • RGB
  • RGBW
  • Tunable White

Image of Fingerboard versatile area LED module family