LUXTECH Announces New QuickTurn Service

December 8, 2015

Philadelphia, PA – December 8, 2015 – LUXTECH, a leading American manufacturer of integrated LED module technology, introduces the QuickTurn program. The new program allows customers to build up to 200 modules with delivery in as little as six days. Price points start at just $2,000.

Through the QuickTurn program, LUXTECH customers can significantly reduce lead time from the standard four weeks to just under one week. Whether a customer is looking for rapid prototyping or quick delivery of a low-volume order, the QuickTurn program offers them ultra-fast LED module procurement.

Delivery can be guaranteed in just six or ten days from the date of purchase, depending on component availability and order size. Customers have the option to supply their own components, or to allow LUXTECH procure components for them. Additional treatments, such as conformal coating and lens gluing, are also available through the QuickTurn program.

According to LUXTECH CEO Sean Darras, “Our new QuickTurn program is a fast and reliable option for our customers who need to swiftly bring their luminaires to market.”

LUXTECH is well-known for superior custom design expertise and innovative Direct-AC technology. The company developed QuickTurn in response to their customers’ growing need to quickly address market demands. The program complements LUXTECH’s world-class reputation for high-quality, speed-to-market technology, enabling customers to stay lean while growing their businesses significantly faster.

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LUXTECH designs, develops, and engineers Direct-AC LED modules that enable luminaire fixture manufacturers to enter the market or quickly expand their offerings. LUXTECH, a privately held company, is one of a new breed of manufacturing companies that are part of the Philadelphia Navy Yard innovative technology program.