Introducing LUXlink CC, Designed for Curved Fixtures

August 16, 2022

LUXlink is designed to make it easier than ever to seamlessly fill luminaires with bends and curves with architectural grade light. Illuminating curved fixtures has always presented challenges. Using individual short LED modules creates high labor costs to wire together each module to the next and can also lead to dim spots between boards. Other solutions add costs by requiring the use of soldering or custom wire harnesses. Radius PCB modules can reduce the installation labor but aren’t versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications which creates a stocking and SKU management nightmare.

LUXlink CC close-up view

LUXlink saves both time and money by taking advantage of reliable, pre-soldered wired connections across modules to provide the optimal balance of versatility, performance, labor savings, and simple SKU management. Each LUXlink is 12 feet long, consisting of pre-connected 4 inch LED module sections. With cuttability every inch, any length can be precisely trimmed to fit any fixture, even with variable lengths and radiuses down to 9 inches. Runs can be seamlessly spliced together and power can be brought to any link by utilizing the poke in connectors on each link.

Technical Specifications:

•  Pre-Soldered with 22 AWG Solid Core Wire
•  Min Bend Radius: 9 in
•  Cuttable Every 1 in
•  Total Unit Length: 12’ (36 x 4” sections)
•  Nominal Lumen Output: 800 lm/ft (4000K, 80CRI)
•  Nominal Efficacy: 173 lm/W (4000K, 80CRI, 800 lm/ft)

•    Stocked Domestically in Philadelphia PA USA

LUXlink CC finished fixture