Introducing LUXlens Linear Batwing Optic, LUXTECH’s First Attachable Accessory

April 4, 2022

Lenses for beam shaping of LED modules can be bulky and difficult to design around. Typically, special mounting hardware is required which takes up space or designers are forced to bake in mounting features into the luminaire body to accept the desired lens. On top of the mechanical constraints, lenses can produce differing optical results from different LED modules or diodes so compatibility is not always guaranteed.

The LUXlens Linear Batwing Optic gives more design freedom to luminaire designers by offering an optic solution in a low profile, slim form factor unconstrained by bulky mounting features or hardware. It is specially designed for use with LUXroll CC so compatibility is guaranteed for optimal light distribution and uniformity. The wide and uniform distribution shape makes the LUXlens Linear Batwing Optic is the ideal solution for utilizing LUXroll for indirect up lighting applications.

Technical Specifications:

• Low Profile Form factor
• Compatible with LUXroll CC
• 47″ Standard Length, Cuttable
• Direct to PCB Mounting
• Material: Acrylic (PMMA)
• Measured Efficiency: 92%
• Peak to Peak Intensity Angle: 96°
• Superior Color Over Angle Performance