About Us


LUXTECH is an LED component design and manufacturing company specializing in high quality LED modules and architectural grade lighting solutions. LUXTECH is a catalyst for health and well-being through human centric lighting systems. Our inventive custom engineering for natural lighting is advancing emotional wellness and productivity with the potential for global social impact. LUXTECH is located in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood.


Our Vision

To be the most people-centric lighting company in the world. We focus on the needs of employees, customers, partners, and end-users more than anyone else.


Our Core Values


Our Team

Sean Darras

Founder & President

Tim O’Shaughnessy

Operations Manager

andy beregszazi headshot luxtech

Andy Beregszaszi


Jianchuan Tan

Product Manager

Alex Sommer


Deb O’Connell

Account Manager

Jayme Dorfmann, LED engineer

Jayme Dorfmann

Inside Sales Engineer

Ben Maser, LUXTECH LED account manager

Ben Maser

Account Manager

Vidisha Srivastav

Technical Sales

Alex Mosesku

Design Engineer

employee head shot glen pratt marketing manager

Glen Pratt

Marketing Manager

employee head shot brian treston technical sales

Brian Treston

Technical Sales

employee head shot chris weise design engineer

Chris Weise

Design Engineer