• Trust, Openness, and Fun

    Ours is a team of sociable, respectful team players. In the office, everyone’s ideas are valid, regardless of how long you have been here or what your position may be. We are honest with each other when we make mistakes, and we do not punish those who acknowledge a mistake - we work with them to find the cause and correct it. We strive to find a balance of inclusive fun for our team while always pursuing excellence. We believe being happy makes for better employees! 

  • Inspired to Innovate

    At LUXTECH, you’ll be challenged and inspired to be the best you can be. Innovation has always been a key tenet of our company. We started in 2013 with unique innovations in AC-Direct technology and since have developed numerous other unique technologies such as warm-dim, white color-tuning, and RGBW systems. At LUXTECH, we see fresh perspectives as the lifeblood of innovation and encourage every team member to question the status quo and current systems!

  • The Heart of Philadelphia

    Work in one of the great cities. Philadelphia is the second-largest city on the East Coast and fifth-largest in the country and the hub of the nation’s sixth-largest metropolitan area, with world-class entertainment, restaurants, educational institutions, cultural offerings and healthcare.

Open Positions