Benefits of Short Cut Length on LED Modules: Procurement

April 18, 2019

This post is part of a series on the benefits of shorter cut lengths when choosing LED modules for a project. We’ll explore the perks for designengineering, and purchasing teams.

LED module procurement is a delicate balance of ordering exactly the component you need at the right price, to arrive at exactly the right moment at an order quantity that is reasonable if held in inventory. That’s a lot of variables. What if we could help take one off your plate?

Purchasing LED modules with short cut lengths does just that. It reduces the number of SKU’s in your inventory because the same module can be used across multiple projects (thanks to design versatility). By reducing SKU’s, you’ll likely access previously unattainable volume cost breaks. It is available as an off-the-shelf solution to custom modules, so you can knock your lead time from weeks to days.

LN-X has #8 Screw Hole and #6 Screw Hole capabilities and has a 1 inch cut length.
LN-X is a rigid linear white LED module that is 22″ standard and cuttable every inch.

Perhaps the biggest unsung benefits of one-inch cuttability are the operational advantages. Procurement teams can significantly reduce the number of SKU’s your company is working with by purchasing one SKU to cover multiple projects’ needs. Fewer SKU’s mean less time negotiating terms and babysitting stock levels of various SKU’s. Instead, you can order the same module for numerous applications and cut the board down to the needed length.

Another benefit of procuring modules with small cut lengths is cost saving by meeting higher quantity breaks. If you’re using the same module across multiple projects, you will be ordering higher quantities of a single SKU. If you are used to ordering different boards for each project, you’ll compound your cost and time savings by switching to a versatile product. Better pricing means you can direct those funds to important business goals, such as providing higher quality light or a differentiated technology.

Speaking of custom versus standard, modules with an emphasis on cuttability are designed as an alternative to custom solutions. For every project in which you use standard modules without sacrificing the design convenience of a custom solution, you will save thousands of dollars in both design and procurement.